Since established in 1989, Den Bosch + Finchley has maintained our goals to provide a complete design build construction management service, from concept stages through construction and final landscaping for renovations/restorations, and new home residential construction for the carriage trade in Southern/ Central Ontario.


The mandate for Den Bosch + Finchley, is based on the theory of the master builder, when one profession oversaw both practices of architecture and construction. Den Bosch + Finchley adapts this theory to today’s context, strongly emphasizing a team approach working with the project design professionals.


Den Bosch + Finchley’s proactive project management system provides our client’s with a convenient, continuous, and comprehensive service. During construction, all tasks and materials are tendered to pre-qualified trades and suppliers ensuring competitive pricing and value. Client’s receive the benefit of a contractor’s discount price with trades and suppliers. The critical path scheduling system controls the construction progress. Budget reports and detailed accounting records are prepared to illustrate the financial picture clearly and accurately.


Den Bosch + Finchley’s emphasis on service extends beyond the construction process; our home service division continues to provide any repairs, maintenance and small renovation to ensure and maintain the clients’ utmost satisfaction.


Most importantly, Den Bosch + Finchley’s attention to sound architectural detailing and quality craftsmanship is reflected in all our projects. Our portfolio of homes includes a wide range of styles and tastes, from elegant classics to graceful modern designs, to award winning historical restorations.